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Mindfulness, Yoga and Students

The origins of yoga & mindfulness date back thousands of years. The past 15 years have seen research focused on youth and education, and the results are clear: yoga & mindfulness practices promote positive growth in social & emotional intelligence, attention, focus, state regulation and quality of life- to name only a few.  Students today face unprecedented pressures. Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of  our high schools. Click below to hear student concerns and feelings about mindfulness.

Students Speak Out

Mindfulness, Yoga and Educators

Integrity Movement Studio (IM) advocates the practices of the American Viniyoga Institute and Mindful  Schools. Leaders in the fields of Social, Emotional Intelligence, these agencies marry scientific & medical research with a love of education and teachers.  Our nation's  educators are facing challenges as never before. Between 40-50% of new teachers will leave the teaching profession by their fifth year.  The time for mindfulness in the schools has come.  Listen to what teachers have to say about the effects of using these practices in their classrooms.

Teachers Speak Out

Who we are

Integrity Movement Studio (IM)  specializes in youth-centric curricula. After 14 years developing quality curricula in the studio, IM is working to bring these practices to educational institutions.  We've seen clients of all ages- and with a wide variety of social, emotional and physical challenges- thrive as a result of their practices. All students can benefit. All teachers can benefit. We can all benefit and the time is (as always) NOW. It's not too late and- as wise youngsters illustrate below...

It's never too soon

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Mindful Schools is the outstanding, world-wide leader in bringing mindfulness to education. Check out their...

Quiet Revolution

Fiona Jensen founded Calmer Choice, a mindfulness program now serving students and teachers all over Massachusetts. Check out her remarkable work below.

Calmer Choice

Enjoy this upbeat peek at Falk Labarotory School where yoga and mindfulness has been integrated at all grade levels and with staff! Dare you not to tap your feet!

Falk Fun

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Mindful Schools has trained over 25,000 teachers, administrators and mental health professionals around the world, with teachers in all 50 U.S states and 100+ countries. With 30+ years of experience, they have impacted more than 1,500,000 children and adolescents worldwide. Check out Vinny Ferraro, one of the "founding fathers".

What's True?

The American Viniyoga Institute™ (AVI) is an organization of yoga practitioners and professionals dedicated to offering quality experiential, education and professional training opportunities in the fields of health and fitness, therapy and self care, and personal transformation. Get a cup of tea (and a dictionary!) while Gary describes our tradition below.

Founder, Gary Kraftsow, lineage of Krishnamacharya

HeadSpace is the leader in mindfulness education, blending scientific inquiry, medical referencing and the deep traditions of mindfulness. You will find mindfulness exercises to meet all your needs and sized to match your lifestyle.  Check them out at the buttom below!

Feed Your Headspace

So, Let's Get Started


We're eager to be of service and look forward to supporting you in your yoga and mindfulness practices. Integrity serves individuals, families and institutions, and is the home of DharmaDinos, educational tools and curricula for youth. 

Our services include educational conferencing, training, curricula development and acting as your interface with Mindful Schools. As a member of the Mindful Schools team, we can streamline your process, and offer significant discounts, as well. 

So give a shout and let's get to work, playfully, mindfully, wisely. 

'Til then, Namaste, friends.

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